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Wax series

Candelilla wax
Candelilla wax

Candelilla wax is hard, shiny, with bright tiger amber vegetable wax, candelilla shrubs in the epidermis of the specialty of northern Mexico and southern Texas, southern California, extracted. Candelilla wax containing a special resin composition and temperature variations and strong features.


1、Containing moderate resin composition;

2、Shrinkage is small, with other wax mix, make the other wax melting point increased curing;

3、With moisture;

4、Has excellent gloss, emulsion.


1、The cosmetics industry: the use of its strong tolerance to temperature change, shrinkage, moisture superior performance characteristics, are widely used in products such as lipstick, wax;

2、The food industry industry: used as a softener of chewing gum and candy, chocolate, such as moisture, brightener;

3、Other industries: paints, pharmaceuticals, electrical appliances, the reputation of the written paper, leather polishes, adhesives, pencils, crayons and other purposes is very broad.

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