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Wax series

Microcrystalline wax
Microcrystalline wax

Shape: granulated or lump

Usage: the product is suitable for military, electronics, metallurgy, chemical, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, for moisture, bonding, coating, insulation, insensitive, molds, rubber, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food ingredients andfood packaging. According to temperature, use of different grades.

Product Features:


1, the product is vacuum residue as raw material, propane deasphalting, furfural refining, MEK dewaxing off the oil, clay supplement refined deep processing of the system. The appearance is pale yellow, and white (the hydrorefining) solid, crystalline micro, permeability, adhesion, and toughness, and moisture, good insulation.

2, high melting point, hardness, not brittle fracture, viscous, and easy to mold.

3, water, moisture and electrical insulation.


4, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, oil-soluble and chemical stability.

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