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Wax series

Sealing wax
Sealing wax

Color sealing wax, is a synthetic system, equipped with a variety of colors, great to meet the needs of domestic new high-tech enterprises. The product is suitable for cooking products, cosmetics, medicine, food packaging paper, fruits and vegetables, cosmetics and wine bottle decoration seal. Mail, liquor and court seals and sealing decorative supplies.

This product has the following characteristics:

One, product non-toxic, pollution-free, in strict accordance with the FDA standard;

Two, pure color, high gloss, long-term does not fade;

Three, film uniformity, strong hiding power, good adhesion;

Four, toughness good, good air tightness;

Five, appropriate strippable, convenient repeated use;

Six, heat resistance reaches more than 70 DEG C, high exposure. Tolerance to - 30DEG C, hull.

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