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Wax series

Crude montan wax (montan wax)
Crude montan wax (montan wax)

Lignite wax, also known as montan wax, the main component of the C22-C32 wax acids, wax alcohols and fat, resin and asphalt.


Brownish black solid, hard surface, the only significant traces carved with a nail. Acid and other chemical solvents, good stability, high gloss, moisture resistance, the end of the electrical conductivity, high mechanical strength, soluble in many organic solvents. Combine to form stable compounds with paraffin wax, stearic acid, beeswax, rosin, to wax and improve its melting point.

Lignite wax (montan wax), good gloss, adhesion strong, is a cheap alternative to replace carnauba wax; widely used in carbon paper inks, automotive, flooring, furniture and shoe polish polish, electric products, plastics, cosmetics and so on. And the face of color do not ask to use the wax, montan wax card that Pakistan wax and other high-priced wax, a cheap alternative.

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