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Wax series

Rice Bran Wax
Rice Bran Wax

Refined rice bran wax (DR wax) is a natural plant one of the wax, rice bran oil contains about 3% of the wax, the wax by the impurity, to the oil degumming, bleaching and other processing techniques refined.

It can be used instead of Sichuan wax and carnauba wax, the main application:

1, the main raw material used to extract carbon fatty alcohol (22-34 alcohol).

2, used in cosmetics and medical supplies

3, do fruits and vegetables sprayed preservative to improve the quality of preservation and to improve the appearance, as food additives for food packaging, chewing gum, chewing gum sugar.

4, Manufacture high-grade shoe polish, floor wax, furniture, cars, equipment and other wax polish, leather polish, etc..

5, Manufacture high-grade printing ink, carbon paper, ink, typing waxed paper. Used as glossy paper, plastic paper wetting agents and light paper and so on, and paper products additives.

6, Manufacturing fiber processing, using oil, emulsion, increase fiber fabric flexibility, smoothness and luster.

7, Used in PVC plasticized

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