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Wax series


Beeswax is the worker bees abdomen following four pairs of wax glands secrete shopping quality. Its main components are: acids, free fatty acids, free fatty alcohols and carbohydrates. In addition, carotenoids, vitamin A, aromatic substances. Beeswax has a wide range of uses in industrial and agricultural production. In the cosmetics manufacturing industry, many beauty products containing bee vinegar, bath oil, lipstick, marriage, such as fat; bee wrong as the main raw materials in the candle processing industry can manufacture various types of candles; in the pharmaceutical industry, beeswax can be used in the manufacture of dental casting wax denture base wax, sticky wax, pill case; paint can be used as food in the food industry, packaging and coat, etc.; be used to make fruit trees Jiemu wax and pests in agriculture and animal husbandry adhesive; manufacturing septum, wax bowl; in beekeeping, beeswax also for the production of floor wax, a variety of polishing wax, crayons, ironing wax batik as well as civil process.

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